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Common Questions

Can I transfer USD directly into my SelfWealth USD cash account?

The only way to get cash into your SelfWealth USD account is by transferring it from your SelfWealth AUD account.

Can I transfer stocks from another provider?

You will be able to transfer your stocks from another broker to SelfWealth but be aware of fees that might be charged by your current broker.

What fees are charged?

For brokerage, we charge $9.50 USD per trade. We charge 0.60% on the bid/ask spread for moving money between your AUD and USD accounts. There are no account fees on SelfWealth. No inactivity fees.

When will US trading be available?

We're aiming to launch US trading before Christmas 2020, alongside a new mobile app for iOS and Android. We will be running a beta-test program with a few select SelfWealth members.

I'm new to SelfWealth, how do I open a US trading account?

You need to first apply for a domestic (ASX) SelfWealth trading account, which will allow you to then apply for a US trading account. Register and get your application started now.

Will options or CFD trading be available?

Options or CFD trading may be added to the SelfWealth platform in the future but it will not be available in the immediate term.

How will dividends be paid for US stocks?

Dividends from your US holdings will be paid in cash directly into your USD account within 48 hours of the dividend being allocated.

What is the ownership structure of the shares or cash?

You are the beneficial owner of any US holdings with SelfWealth which will be held in custody with Phillip Securities Pte Ltd. Your cash will be held in a Phillip Capital Trust account with Standard Chartered. SelfWealth has no beneficial ownership or right to either your holdings or cash.

How are W8-BEN forms managed?

W8-BEN forms will be part of the process when you open your US trading account. These are submitted digitally and no fees are attached to this.

How long does it take to transfer money between AUD and USD?

Transfers from your SelfWealth AUD account to your USD account initiated before 9 am AEST will be available before the next US market open. Transfers made from USD to AUD before 9 am will be available the following business day.

We've been the home of affordable ASX investment in Australia for almost three years now, and we're taking that title to US trading. The big banks have been charging exorbitant fees to trade directly in US stocks, for too long now. Join us in the fight against high fees and commission as we make investing more affordable for Australians.

Happy investing and good luck in 2020.

Rob Edgley

SelfWealth, Managing Director

Rob Edgley, SelfWealth Managing Director

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